Scalable and Instant Data Extraction and Automation Services

We automate and optimize your data collection processes, ensuring you get tailored to your scale. Our web scraping solutions are designed to navigate even the most complex websites, transforming raw data into structured insights and high-quality datasets.

Our Partners and customers

Web Crawling Solutions

  • Efficiently crawl vast amounts of web data for your enterprise's growth, enabling you to make informed decisions with our hosted crawling solutions.
  • Optimized for complex websites and large-scale data
  • Quality-assured datasets for enhanced insights
Service list
  • Enterprise Crawling
  • Hosted Crawling
  • Cloud Crawling
  • Autonomous web Crawler

Pre-Built API and Services

  • Gateway to seamless integration and scalable solutions. Accelerate your operations with our ready-made APIs and services tailored to your business needs.
  • 100% success rate
  • Quick Integration with Pre-Built and no code APIs
  • One API to access all, from SERP, eCommerce, Social Media scraping.
Service list
  •  Shopee
  •  Amazon
  • Google Search Engine
  •  LinkedIn Profile

CRM Solutions Development

  • We create solutions that fit your business perfectly. With our customized approach, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique needs and drive your success.
  • Tailored Solutions for Maximum Satisfaction
  • Strong Relationships and algorithm Through Personalized Approaches
  • Optimize Resources for Exceptional Results
Service list
  • Personalize Dataset Scraping
  • Tailored Automation Solution
  • Hosted Real-time scraping API
  • Dashboard and Data management tools

Chatbots Solutions

  • Empower your business with our AI-driven data analysis and generative AI solutions. Streamline operations, optimize customer engagement, and drive innovation with our cutting-edge chatbot technology.
  • Seamless Integrity and 24/7 Availability
  • Personalized Interactions and Generative AI learning
  • Multilingual Support
Service list
  • Personalize Chatbot development
  • Telegram Bot, Slack Bot
  • Data analysis and Google analytics assistant bot
  • Conversational and GPT bot development

 Datasets Store

  • Empower your business with our Datasets Store, a powerful repository of branded bundles with key details for immediate access and ready for instant download.
  • Easy Access to Structured Data
  • Bundled Data for Immediate Business Growth
  • Unlock Insights with Our Data
Service list
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Amazon
  • Shopee
  • Google
  • Glassdoor

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Unique services - highly recommend them! super competente and ability to deliver results. Great KAM and great impact on our business - a game changer!

Tiago Vieira Alves


Muketesh has been a valuable asset to the Data Migration team at our company. Not only has his work been efficient and accurate, he is willing to collaborate on new projects and ideas.

Dib Guha

Aesthetic Record

We collaborated with Relu Consultancy to implement a new feature, encompassing web scraping, APIs, and React frontend. The project was successfully completed and delivered to production, where it is currently being utilized by live clients. Throughout the entire process, the Relu team demonstrated agility in comprehending evolving requirements and promptly incorporating changes to enhance the product feature. Effective communication and collaboration were maintained seamlessly throughout the project's duration.

Siri Gaja


Great group to work with, very talented, capable, and flexible. Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and open to feedback! Thanks again guys!

Kacper Staniul


Relu Consultancy impresses with its honesty and responsiveness despite time differences, offering expert data collection services beneficial for e-commerce analysis. They excel in monitoring services and promptly addressing issues, although slight coordination challenges may arise due to differing holiday schedules across countries. Overall, they come highly recommended for data analysts seeking reliable data solutions.

Remi Delevaux

After exploring various freelancers, one key factor that led us to choose Relu Consultancy was the intuitive understanding they demonstrated regarding our requirements. They delivered the software exactly as per our specifications, adhering to the agreed timeline and staying within our budget. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with them in the future. CIO TechWorld

Eric Hill

Just worked with Relu Consultancy on an automation project, and they exceeded all expectations! The team was knowledgeable, professional, and delivered top-notch results. Highly recommend them for any tech needs!

Eliran Shachar

The company does a good job managing API requests, listens to my requests well.

Phil Albright

Very great team! I came to them for my software development project and they over delivered tremendously. Their communication is on point and I'm very satisfied with the work. I highly recommend Relu to any B2B company for work.

BB Customer

Thank you for getting us what we wanted without us having to sweat it out to explain what we wanted. This reflects your experience in developing various software products, no matter how out-of-this-world the idea may be. I also appreciate you getting our job done within our budget. I am looking forward to a long partnership that will last for years to come, with more products in our pipeline heading your way.

Edwin Boris

CIO TechWorld

These guys are legit! I came to them for my software development project and they over delivered tremendously. Their communication is on point and I'm very satisfied with the work. Highly recommend Relu to any B2B company.

Antonio Romero

Relu team is very proactive, understands requirements and provide time bound deliveries Keep going

Ajeet Sing

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