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Our client approached us with a unique and specific requirement: they needed a custom scraping tool to collect LinkedIn posts from any chosen Linkedin profile, spanning up to one year. This client’s need was distinct from conventional data scraping projects as they were interested in obtaining posts from any selected Linkedin user’s profile, rather than scraping the homepage or general wall posts. The goal was to compile a comprehensive dataset of posts from this chosen profile over an extended period, facilitating further analysis
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The Challenge

The challenge lay in the intricacies of LinkedIn’s security measures. LinkedIn is renowned for its stringent security protocols, akin to other prominent social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms make scraping data from their backend APIs a formidable task. They employ a multitude of security checks and obstacles to prevent automated data extraction.

Additionally, the client had a specific set of requirements that included capturing data on the most recent posts from the target profile. This entailed recording critical details such as the post’s URL, date of post, the number of likes and reactions it received, the total number of comments, and the post’s caption. However, the client did not require the retrieval of images included in the posts. Furthermore, the tool needed to be capable of extracting data from the selected profile efficiently and quickly.

The Process

Our approach involved the development of a custom scraping tool from scratch. This tool was designed to effectively navigate LinkedIn’s intricate backend API calls. It utilized login cookies for authentication, enabling it to access profiles and collect data.

The tool’s operation was based on the concept of mimicking human behavior, ensuring that its scraping activity appeared as genuine as possible to the platform’s security measures. This
approach enabled the tool to access and extract the required data without arousing suspicion.

The Output

The output of our custom scraping tool was exactly aligned with the client’s requirements. For each post within the specified profile, the tool collected and compiled data.
This dataset included details such as the post’s publication date, its URL, the total number of likes and specific reactions (including empathy, praise, interest, entertainment, and appreciation), the total number of comments, and the post’s caption.

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Olivia Rhye
Product designer

While images were not included, this streamlined approach allowed for efficient and quick data
extraction. The tool operated seamlessly, collecting data from LinkedIn profiles for up to one year in a single run. This meant that users could access a year’s worth of posts from any profile, providing valuable insights for data analysis and sentiment assessment.


Our client presented us with a distinctive challenge: to scrape LinkedIn posts from a specific profile spanning a year. Despite LinkedIn’s robust security measures, we successfully developed a custom scraping tool that efficiently navigated the platform’s backend API calls. By mimicking human behavior and employing login cookies, we ensured the tool’s effectiveness and compliance with the platform’s security checks. The output of our tool met the client’s requirements precisely. It provided a dataset containing essential post details, enabling data analysis and sentiment assessment. This case study showcases our ability to tackle complex scraping tasks, even on highly secured platforms, and deliver efficient, customized solutions to meet our client’s unique needs.

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