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Job Scraper

The job market is huge and ever changing. Thousands of jobs are listed online, on various ....

The challenge

The job market is huge and ever changing. Thousands of jobs are listed online, on various job portals every day. To list out these job alerts manually from job portals according to the requisite keywords, is extremely time consuming and tiring. In addition to this, it requires human resources exclusively dedicated to this work, which puts more financial strain on a firm.

Our client, suffering from the same issue, was looking for options to automate job listing based on keywords and organizations across different job search sites, primarily Google Job Search and The client wanted a job scraping tool, to scrap three main data points, the job title, the job URL, and the date when the job was posted, from these job search platforms.

The Solution

So, to simplify their search for employment opportunities, we came through with a job scraping software which would undertake web scraping on the websites mentioned by the clients in order to gather data on job listings in a simple, time and cost-efficient way.

Firstly, we created a job scraper bot to perform all the manual processes from searching for the companies and keywords on the listed job portals. We also built an API, which acts as a trigger that initiates the process.

Along with that, we integrated an n8n automation tool to give the process and environment a smooth and uninterrupted run. When the client clicks start in the n8n tool, it will initiate the process, and the scraper bot will run through the website and gather the required data.

When the scraper set is ready, the web crawlers start providing the data in the client’s required format. If the client provides the company name and keyword, the scraper will collect the job title, URL and data posted. If the company is not found, then it will give the result otherwise.


  • Swift Work Ethic: within a week we designed the technical aspects and set up the web crawlers, allowing the client to gather data in a shorter time.
  • Industry Expertise: our hands-on experience in web scraping helped us design a solution that can quickly perform all the manual processes and control a vast amount of data.
  • Affordable Alternative: the job scraper will be more affordable in terms of cost and time than the manual listing.
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Bol Scraper

The client’s company had an e-commerce-based business for which they wanted to ....

The challenge

If all the seller profiles are opened and checked manually, the task seems to be nearly impossible because of the huge number of sellers selling their products on

The Solution

So, to fulfill their needs we developed a tool called ‘Bol scraper’ which automates the whole process of going through all the pages of the e-commerce website and extracting the details of the seller according to the client’s need. Bol Scraper is a GUI-based tool which means after the tool is delivered to the client, even a user without much technical knowledge can make changes to the parameters (such as the number of reviews, SKUs, and rating) for filtering out the sellers and operate it without any hassle. The client can either select the category through the UI which is to be scraped otherwise, he also has the option to scrape all the categories at once.

We use scrapy, a python-based framework, to scrape through all the pages of the e-commerce website. Along with that, we have integrated various extensions in the module to avoid getting blocked by the bol servers that may happen after making repeated requests for data within a small amount of time.

The scraper shows the details of the sellers meeting all the criteria in real-time as they are scraped through a table in the UI and the user has the option to export all the scraped data to a CSV file at any point during the scraping process.

Using this scraper, we were able to scrape more than 1000 subcategories from


  • Thousands of pages can be scraped at once, allowing the client to gather data in a shorter time.
  • The scraper can be used for lead generation and approaching different sellers according to the different requirements of the client.
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Real estate
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Golf Scraper

There was a requirement of the details of golf courses which was all available on a website....

The Challenge

There was a requirement of the details of golf courses which was all available on a website. If that data was to be used for any process, it was first required to be exported in a proper format from that website. This could’ve not been manually possible to do as there were hundreds of golf courses.

The Solution

So, this process was automated and details was extracted from the website and an approach was used to also include the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of the location of the golf course. It takes few minutes to extract the details of hundreds of golf courses in a format required by the client.


  • A lot of time and human effort is saved through this process.
  • Another similar site can be scraped with minimum changes in the main script.
  • The client can get or update existing data within minutes through this process.
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Lead generation for EZIE

By offering specialized eCommerce solutions and services, EZIE, founded in 2021 ....

The challenge

The client requested that we generate leads from a Taiwan-based e-commerce website called “Shopee.” Our client wanted to expand their business by providing their delivery service to the sellers selling their products on this particular website. Therefore, they asked us to extract a list of all retailers and their details so that they can extend their services to them. They also asked us to find the e-mail addresses and phone numbers to contact the sellers.

Because of the large number of sellers selling their products on Shopee, manually opening, and checking all of the seller profiles appears to be nearly impossible.

The solution

As a result, we used web scraping and web crawling technologies to automate this process. Our data processing technology assisted in extracting the data much faster and without making the targeted website suspicious. To find the contact information we used our in house email and phone number finder code so that our client can contact his customers easily. When the process was completed, we provided a list of seller names, along with their number of followers, joining history, rating, page URL, usernames, product category, number of products sold, number of items sold, email addresses, and phone numbers. We provided this information in an Excel file that the client could easily access.

The outcome

We were able to extract information from that website from around 700+ sellers thanks to this scraper. EZIE can now directly contact the potential sellers and broaden their client base with the scraped data. Web scraping saved a lot of time, money, and effort for all the parties involved by searching and analyzing every detail of the sellers. Given that the entire procedure is automated, this method also produced accurate data, which also makes it more reliable.

This web scraping service can be extended to any website or application. If you want to gather such information from any online business or website, just let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.

Why to use our web scraping service?

  1. To enable dynamic pricing models in real-time, compare the costs of comparable items across all competitors.
  2. Utilize competitive knowledge and expertise to completely transform your pricing approach.
  3. Find the list price, selling price, and discount for every product at each rival’s current price.
  4. For every SKU, find the exact match, and keep an eye on price changes. Chart each product’s price evolution.
  5. Be informed of fresh discounts and offers.
  6. Set the appropriate pricing for each SKU that is neither too high nor too cheap and applies to all channels and times.
  7. Utilize real-time matching and product discovery to maximise your inventory.
  8. Keep up with your own precise product profiles.
  9. Find new markets for your items or categories.
  10. Know as soon as your suppliers launch a new brand line so you can instantly add the SKUs to your website.
  11. Extract all product information and gain access to the competitor’s product catalogue and inventory status
  12. Measure consumers ’ opinions
  13. Recognize changes in customer demand and rapidly pinpoint products that are becoming more or less popular with consumers.
  14. Find out which products and sectors are popular in each country.
  15. Verify design, variety, and merchandising choices to make sure the commercial offer is appropriate.
  16. Recognize the obstacles potential clients confront by understanding their path.
  17. Concentrate your marketing initiatives on top sales.
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University Courses Scraper

The client wanted the list of courses provided by various universities containing .....

The challenge

The client wanted the list of courses provided by various universities containing information such as course code, department code, and course name.

The Solution

Most universities have a web interface or an online catalog for the students to check the information of all the courses. We took advantage of this interface/online catalog and scraped the catalogs of various universities to deliver the required content to the client.

The whole catalog of any university can be exported to a CSV file within a few minutes at the click of a button.


  • A lot of time and human effort is saved through this bot.
  • The process is fast, reliable, and cost-friendly.
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WebHarvester Pro

The world is going at a very fast pace, any business that doesn’t speeds up its working cannot ....

The challenge

The world is going at a very fast pace, any business that doesn’t speeds up its working cannot survive profitably. It is really hard to think of doing things manually anymore. Accessing essential web data efficiently is vital for businesses. However, extracting relevant information from websites can be time-consuming and complex without the right tool. WebHarvest Pro addresses this challenge by providing the fastest, safest, and highly automated web scraping solution, revolutionizing data extraction for users across all technical backgrounds including Sales, Marketing, Recruitment & Hiring, and possibly all other business function.

We have the Solution in form of WebHarvest Pro

Welcome to WebHarvest Pro, the finest web scraping tool that effortlessly gathers critical business data, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and contact us page URLs. With just a few clicks, you can unlock valuable insights from the vast internet and that too at a lightning fast speed and with 100% accuracy.

Multi-Industry and Multi-Functional Use Cases:

  • Lead Generation: Identify potential clients and acquire their contact information for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Market Research: Uncover competitor insights, industry trends, and market dynamics for informed decision-making.
  • Sales Prospecting: Access qualified leads for effective outreach and personalized communication.
  • Geographic Analysis: Analyse business presence and opportunities in specific geographic regions for strategic expansion.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize scraped data to enhance data-driven decision-making across your organization.
  • Finding Suppliers & Vendors: It can easily be used to identify new suppliers and vendors for any business
  • Finding Distributors: It can be used to find distributors of products and services, further helping in downward business expansion.

How one of our E-Commerce Client effectively used this tool:

A leading e-commerce retailer wanted to enhance its competitive edge by identifying new product suppliers. WebHarvest Pro came to the rescue with its multi-keyword input feature. The retailer entered multiple keywords related to their industry and locations of interest.
WebHarvest Pro intelligently crawled through thousands of websites, quickly extracting valuable supplier information. It scraped the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses of potential suppliers, as well as URLs to their contact us pages. Using the Excel data export feature, the retailer seamlessly integrated the extracted data into their CRM and sales database. Armed with a comprehensive list of potential suppliers
and their contact details, the retailer streamlined their outreach efforts, resulting in valuable new partnerships and a strengthened supply chain.

How does this works?

WebHarvest Pro operates as a powerful web crawler, intelligently searching the internet for specified keywords and locations. It swiftly gathers precise data while cap

  • Input: Users of WebHarvest Pro can input specific keywords and locations relevant to their data requirements. Whether it’s searching for potential clients in a particular industry or scouting competitor information in specific regions, the tool accommodates diverse search criteria.
  • Process: Once the user enters the desired keywords and locations,
    WebHarvest Pro initiates its web crawling process. It navigates through the vast expanse of the internet, intelligently searching for websites that match the specified criteria. The tool’s advanced algorithms ensure efficient and accurate data extraction.
  • Output: WebHarvest Pro collects comprehensive data from the identified websites, including business names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and URLs to the contact us pages. Moreover, the tool captures and securely stores screenshots of each website’s home page, providing users with visual references for their data.
  • Utilizing the data: One of the most powerful features of WebHarvest Pro is its ability to export the extracted data in Excel format. This functionality opens up a world of possibilities for users, enabling seamless integration with various applications and enhancing data utilization in multiple ways including but not limited to Adding data in CRM, Email Marketing, Finding Suppliers & Vendors, Running Targeted Marketing Campaigns, Sales Strategies, Market Segmentation, Competitor Analysis, and so much more.