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Little Phil is an award winning, digital fundraising platform based in Gold Coast, Australia, that bridges the gap between common man and his search for a cause to connect with. From a little startup founded in 2017, it has now evolved to an integrated global network connecting different people, businesses and brands to beneficiaries and charities more directly. Therefore, it reduces third party involvement and allows individuals to keep track of their donations and make sure that each penny makes a difference. Its trio of transparency, efficiency, and accountability (made possible by blockchain technology) globally establishes it as a leading choice for companies keen on social impact.
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The challenge

Our client takes into account, the charities registered at the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), which are nearly 60,000, with the number fluctuating everyday as new charities are registered and others cease to exist. For each charity there is an assorted group of responsible people and the communication channels through which they can be contacted. Collecting all this nonprofit fundraising data manually, would be a tiresome process and would imply a significant drain on human resources, efficiency and profits. The client thus wanted a list of all the new charities, the people of concern and their contact details, all at one place.

The Solution

This is where we come in! Using our automation and python skills, we built a web scraper that would (in seconds) extract the relevant data of new charities, their heads/trustees as well as their contact information from the website and consolidate it all in a list. This list updates on a weekly basis and can also be customized to change at any preferred timespan.

Aside from this, we put HubSpot in place, which helps the client in generating and pushing leads. It also makes the email communication channel amidst employees, and with potential donors and charities, more effective and time saving by providing automation tools.


  • For quality web scraping solutions. We made the data mining process automated by building a web scraper which not only eased up a tedious data collecting process but also freed up manhours.
  • With the introduction of HubSpot, leads were pushed as well as the communication channel was streamlined to ensure effective and efficient communication between employees and, employees and customers.

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